About Nathalia Garrigan

Nathalia Garrigan is a personal project manager and interior designer who has successfully completed a wide array of projects in her 10 years in the industry.

​Her commitment to quality, attention to detail, and tailored-design have set her apart. However, it's her ability to create lasting and meaningful relationships with you that have made her renowned throughout the communities she has served.

She incorporates your personality, preferences, and needs into your project, thus giving you a customized and at-home feel. ​

Graduating from the Art Institute of Houston and interning abroad in Seville, Spain, Nathalia brings a universal style to her work and inspiration by the beauty of functionality and simple elegance. ​

We have planted 212 trees

We genuinely believe that we have a significant responsibility as a business to not only make your home beautiful but to make our community and city better. That is why we have committed to planting one tree through Livelihood for every $5,000 invested with us.

Trees have many benefits; they purify our air, reduce stress, temperatures, and flooding, promote diversity, increases land values, and improve the quality of life—all essential things for our city. As a pleasant result, by improving our neighborhoods, we are also enhancing your home.

We look forward to planting many trees with you and building your dream home.
To learn more about this initiative, visit Livelihood or give us a call to see how you can join the mission to make our city greener for a better livelihood for all.